WAWF Outage – 2/27/2017

Initial: WAWF Outage Reportable Notification; INC000005124329 (Critical App)

Application: Wide Area Workflow (WAWF)

Incident Summary: Wide Area Workflow e-Business Suite (WAWF) Invoicing, Receipt, Acceptance and Property Transfer (IRAPT) Application is in a degraded status due to document processing issues.

Operational Impact: Unclassified production environment IRAPT documents are becoming invalid Customers worldwide are experiencing a delay in processing of documents for payment. No known work around exists. Approximately 60 calls received.

Update: The application development team is working with the Program Management Office and the database administrator to resolve the issue.

Event Start Date and Time (Z): 2/27/2017 1222Z
Event End Date and Time (Z):
Related ticket: INC000005123667

*** 2/27/2017 – 10:57am PST Update: The software developers have identified the cause of the issue. A patch is currently being developed and is scheduled to be deployed this tonight 2/27/2017 17:00 MT – 20:00 MT.

*** Update: The software developers have delivered the patch to fix the issue. The software testers need more time to install and test the patch prior to deployment. The patch is expected to be applied tomorrow 3/01/2017 00:00 Zulu – 03:00 Zulu. (2/28 1700-1800MT)

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