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WAWF/GEX OUTAGE Notification INC000005584812 (Critical)

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Application: WAWF (Wide Area Workflow) Global Exchange Services (GEX)

Incident Summary: WAWF E-Business Suite and GEX applications are unavailable.

Operational Impact: [Outage]An unknown number of users worldwide were unable to process data transactions through the Ogden GEX. No known work around exists for Wide Area Workflow, Defense Travel System and all other customers utilizing the GEX.
An unknown number of WAWF Government and commercial users are unable to access portal applications. Payment transactions are delayed, contract documents are inaccessible and all other portal systems are impacted.

Update: DISA Technicians are investigating the issue. Further updates will be provided as they are available.

Event Start Date and Time (Z): 9/15/2017 1835 Zulu

****** UPDATE 9/15/2017 2142 Zulu:

Incident Summary: During initial investigation of WAWF/GEX connection issue it was discovered that a secondary circuit at Ogden was down, connections between Ogden and several applications became unavailable. Update Ogden site is now in a network HAZCON.

Operational Impact: [HAZCON] An unknown number of users worldwide are unable to access multiple applications going through DECC Ogden. Failover to the primary has somewhat stabilized access.

****** Resolved: (16 SEPT): COMM-IM informed that the DGOC Transport team performed a toggle of the transceiver at Fort Lewis which restored services @ 0145Z 9/16/2017. COMM-IM has verified Ogden Secondary circuit in question is now out of HAZCON and requested to monitor status for 24hrs.

Event End Date and Time (Z): 9/16/2017 0145 Zulu