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Reparable Receiving Report (RRR) Failure in WAWF 5.12.0

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The deployment of WAWF 5.12.0 on July 14-15 included an unannounced and undocumented change to the EDI requirements which is causing GFP RRR transactions to fail, system-wide. The error manifests itself in the following error report in WAWF Import Status emails:

ERROR: Property Receiver is a mandatory field.

Affected users should forward any WAWF Import Status emails that include such an error to Mil-Pac Technical Support. We are hand-patching X12-856 Reparable Receiving Reports and X12-857 Reparable Combos and resubmitting to WAWF. Reparable UDF Combos (Combos with RFID) require technical information not yet provided by the Government.

Affected users that have sent in requests for corrections and/or upgrade will be notified when the patch becomes available.